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A recipe for you (and you!)

I'll be making some apple butter BBQ sauce, because I've got mad apple butter. I found this recipe, originally from Smuckers. Feel free to enjoy this recipe brought from my kitchen, to yours.

1 cup smucker's cider apple butter (or your own)
1/2 cup ketchup
1 tablespoon prepared mustard
1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
3 teaspoons liquid smoke
1/2 teaspoon red peppers
1/2 teaspoon coarse kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
1 cup finely chopped onions
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon paprika

1. Add everything together. Well, that's where their recipe ends. I think that's silly. So, let's continue.
2. Sauté the onion in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, medium heat. Cook till translucent.
3. Add the garlic, cook for about a minute.
4. Put everything into a sauce pot on medium heat, stir everything together.
5. Before a boil begins, drop the heat to low and simmer for 15-20 min., stirring frequently.
6. Take it off heat, let it cool for 30 minute (unless you're canning, of course).
7. Store it however you wish. It should keep in the fridge for 30 days, in a freezer for longer, or just can it.


Liam needs some platelets.

Lil' Liam the Brave, with a cool-ass shirt.

A fellow co-worker forwarded this e-mail to all of us here. (She knows her from a previous gig.):

I find myself in the curious position of having to beg on my son’s behalf for something that everyone has to offer…blood and platelets. My young, precious son has been through three rounds of chemotherapy in the past seven weeks and is scheduled for a major operation on May 2nd that is anticipated to last 11 – 17 hours. He has responded extremely well to the three rounds of chemo and has avoided a lot of the pitfalls that can happen during high-dose chemo. But his battle will continue to be waged for many many more months. Please see the below note regarding the need for blood and platelets. I would do anything for my son. Anything. Even sending a plea directly to people.

My son just woke up. We’re already late to get to the hospital to receive a platelet transfusion but I just couldn’t wake him up. As soon as he woke up, he smiled, looked at me, and excitedly said, “Mommy – The sun came out!” I’m asking for your help to make sure the sun comes out for many many many more days, weeks, months, years, decades for my son.

Thank you,
Gretchen Holt Witt

P.S. For more information on my son, visit http://princeliamthebrave.blogspot.com

Concerning the current situation with platelets and blood, here's the most current info:

The donations have pretty much dwindled and it is still necessary.

RE: Platelets
Now required. Liam will be going into surgery in the next few weeks and he is not producing enough platelets. He needs to get his count up before they can operate. There is definitely a shortage of platelet donors. If you can donate platelets, it will mean a lot.

Re: Blood
The hospital currently has a shortage of O negative which is Liam’s blood type. Liam will eventually require blood for his surgery. If you or anyone you know is O negative, please make an appointment to donate within the next 2 weeks. Regardless of the blood type, donors are needed and anything that is donated will be held as credit for Liam.

Don’t forget to pre-qualify yourself on the Sloan Kettering website www.mskcc.org/blooddonations (http://www.mskcc.org/blooddonations). If you have any questions, about the eligibility, please call Mary Thomas at 212.639.3335

You can call the donor room directly to schedule the appointment, and tell them that you are donating for Liam Witt.

To drive home the point regarding blood donations, you don't need to be O negative to help out. Any blood donations will be credited to him. Platelets are independent of blood type—it's just a longer process.

The response here has been wonderful. I wanted to give platelets tomorrow...but they have too many people offering to help. (I'm scheduled for next week.) But, after the initial response, Liam will continue to need additional blood and platelets for months.

If people are interested, I'll keep you abreast of his situation, but his mother's blog is a much better source of information...and inspiration.

If you're in the New York Metro area, please consider helping out little Liam. Any and all blood and platelet donations will help immeasurably.

Pax et Bonum,

The Jack Brown Appeal

Together, we can make a difference...

crosstherubicon has been reporting upon the plight of a small child named Jack Brown. In short, Jack is a young child of a London policeman suffering from neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a terrible cancer that begins in the nerve tissue of the neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvis but usually originates in the abdomen in the tissue of the adrenal gland. It's a quickly spreading cancer which is especially difficult to treat in children. However, there's a new treatment Stateside for this which...gah...let me just cut and paste from the Jack Brown appeal website:

...A new anti-neuroblastoma antibody is currently under production at St. Jude's to provide an additional tool to destroy residual microscopic disease. The St. Jude's study suggests that the immune system can be manipulated to target cancer cells that have become resistant to traditional chemotherapy.

The St. Jude's strategy represents an improvement on a similar technique that showed great promise during clinical trials in Germany and elsewhere. Prior to this study, antibodies caused troublesome side effects, such as fever and pain, which restricted the level of antibody that could be used in the treatment, However, the antibody used in St. Jude's study appears to be less likely to cause side effects. That suggests that it could be used in humans at higher levels that may improve the effect of the antibody.

These folks are going to need $350,000 to receive his needed treatment. This money is needed before consultations can even be held. His parents, flat out, cannot afford this...which is why they're asking for help.

Frankly, I haven't much money to speak of. I'm sure any little gift will assist. The most I can offer—and perhaps, the most needful—is prayer. Considering Good Friday is...Good Friday, we can also offer our prayers for Jack and his family. For us catholics, praying at our parishes, in the presence of Jesus sacramentally, is especially important. For all Christians, dedicating an hour of your prayer where-ever you find yourself is an excellent additional "donation." As we consider the mystery of Christ's work during the Holy Triduum, let us pray for his mysterious grace in our midst today.

Again that website is www.jackbrownappeal.org.

That's all. God bless...


Prayers for Spiritual Communion

Hoc est Corpus Meum...Hic est Enim Sanguis Meus...

I realised that I mentioned Spiritual Communion, and thought that some may not know what the practise or the "theory" behind it is. Generally, one makes an act of Spiritual Communion when it is not possible for one to receive the Holy Communion. Whether this involves two feet of snow or the flu, it is a thing that is "meet and right so to do" when attending Mass on Sunday isn't possible.

I don't think that there is a set practise for Spiritual Communion among Anglicans. Of course, Anglo-Catholics abhor a liturgical vacuum. "The Practice of Religion" by Fr. Archibald C. Knowles+, of blessed memory, suggests an order for Spiritual Communion (pp. 131-132). It is similar to the Holy Sacrifice as per the pre-1928 Prayer Book. The order for Spiritual Communion follows:
* "In the Name of the Father...",
* an antiphon,
* Psalm 43,
* the Short Summary of the Law,
* the Kyrie,
* the Collect of the Day,
* the Readings (including the Gospel),
* the Comfortable Words ("Hear what comfortable words our Saviour Christ saith unto all that truly turn to him..."),
* and then specific prayers for receiving the Body and Blood of Christ spiritually.

I think this is a good guide, and I have fashioned a personal "liturgy" that is similar to this. Generally, I say Morning Prayer, following Morning Prayer with the prayers and readings of the Mass of the day, until I get to the Consecration. In lieu of the Consecration, I pray one (or all) the prayers for Spiritual Communion.

Roman Catholics, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm imagining the "rite" is solely the prayer for Spiritual Communion, with sincere intent to receive the sacrament? I don't know what the "new" missal says about that.

This is all wonderful, and I heartily commend others to do likewise. Liturgy helps us escape the juswannas. It allows the soul to escape from the self, to run into the arms of her Creator. But, ultimately, I do believe that the sincere prayer of a contrite soul to join herself to Christ Jesus is the most efficatious, regardless of words. If possible, every Christian should attend Church every Lord's Day and every major festal day. No Christian is an island.

Anyhow, to aid in your own practise, whatever it may be, here are the prayers for Spiritual Communion that I use. They are taken from "The Priest's Book of Private Devotion" by J. Oldknow, A.D. Crake, and John Stobbart (pp. 395-397). Use them as you will:

An Act of Spiritual CommunionCollapse )

Hope this helps!


Attn: balatro, catholic geeks, et al.

I just finished my first all-twine rosary, made through the Rosary Army's directions.

Considering I won't win the "most crafty man award" any time in the near future, I don't think I did a terrible job, but not an amazing job either. I completely bollocksed up the crucifix knot and its placing...and the spacing between Ave knots was a bit off. That being said, I don't mind terribly. It is my first, after all. And, there is something symbolic about praying with a rosary that is slightly imperfect. If the prayers of the BVM are as they are claimed, they are "magnified" to the Lord through the Virgin's prayer. As the guy who runs RA said, Mary keeps no glory for herself.

I'd have finished it sooner, but the magnificats kept attacking the twine as I was knotting away. I tried appeasing them by cutting off the spare bits of twine...they liked the stuff I was using better. Big surprise thar.


Frydaddy Five + Halloween Info

The Friday Five

1. Have you made any Halloween plans?
Probably be at church, doing All Souls/All Saints Stuff.

2. At what age should you stop trick-or-treating?
When you're in the ground. I think if you're 89 you should still trick or treat. That's why God made Lil' Buddies®.

3. What's your favorite kind of Halloween candy?
Any kind of choco, but especially 100 Grands. Those...nummie num num! That being said, I generally avoid candy corn, just in case. Remember, practise safe-scarfing!

4. Are you more likely to trick someone else or be tricked yourself?
I'm too freaking tired and busy to trick people. The next big "trick" I'll be doing is leaving my current job.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Undead souls of the damned, or spirits "stuck"? They exist, I'm sure, but I really don't know what their "status" is. I've heard of house exorcisms where Freaky Crap™ has occured. I haven't any reason to disbelieve in their existance, but frankly, I think there are bigger fish to fry. Evangelism should be stressed over exorcism.

Liturgical Geek Added Feature!
The "traditional" colours for Halloween (or, more appropriately, "All Hallows' Eve"), orange and black, have nothing to do with witchcraft, satanism, Barbra Streisand, or Samhain. Rather, they come from the traditional catholic Requiem Mass. Black is, obviously, the colour of mourning. Orange, however, is the colour of unbleached beeswax candles. Traditionally, unbleached candles and black candlesticks surround the coffin of the Requiem's "special guest star."

This is a picture of a catafalque at the Church of the Resurrection in NYC. Notice the orangeish candles and black candlesticks:

This picture shows the altar candles, which look more orangey than those in that other picture:

If you're wondering what the heck a catafalque is, here's a rather simple definition from the Catholic Encyclopedia: Catafalque, derived from the Italian word catafalco, literally means a scaffold or elevation, but in its strictly liturgical sense the word is employed to designate the cenotaph-like erection which is used at the exequial offices of the Church, and takes the place of the bier whenever the remains are not present.

Generally, for All Souls' Masses, the catafalque is used in lieu of a coffin, because obviously, you don't want to dig up the bodies of all the dead of your parish. However, it is treated like a coffin would be during a requiem, and receives the absolution, is sprinkled with holy water, censed, and all that other stuff.

And now you know—and knowing is half the battle!


Oct. 17th, 2005

The blog has sucked recently. To make up for the suckage, John J. O'Sullivan's blog also comes along with


Big Jim Slade.....former tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs comes with an assortment of wit, puns, and a comedic appetite that will knock your socks off. Big Jim Slade has satisfied thousands of bloggers from coast to coast and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!!!


You make your own caption. It's far too easy.

[Obligatory "I Do Not Agree With Pat Robertson" Post begins:]

I do not agree with Pat Robertson. I think the man is a bit looney and has the propensity to say particularly dumb things quite often. It's been a while since he has. Now, "Reverend Terminator" wants to knock off a foreign leader. (Or, at least he says we should.) It's the same we've come to expect. (As the great prophet David Byrne once said, it's "same as it ever was." He also gave us one of the eternal truths of the universe: There's water at the bottom of the ocean.)

My only thought as a Christian*: Who cares?! The guy can say that the sky is made of Jell-O and he'll get press coverage far and wide. Who cares what this guy thinks about whomever or whatever?! Why do people think that his announcements have any validity whatsoever? It makes no sense that his weird-lookin' visage was on just about every newspaper this morning.

I do not know of many (or any) Christians* who'd pack up their gear and get ready to dispach Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez into Kingdom Come. Rather, most of us smack ourselves upside the head whenever the man opens his mouth. As soon as we hear the words "the Reverend Pat Robert-" before "Robertson" is uttered, we know it's going to be something monumentally stupid. I'm sure there are some who take this man as an evangelipope, but they've got to be thinking the same thing most of us are: "Wha wha whaa?!"

It's the same ol' crap we've come to expect from Pat. Let's move on with life. The less attention we pay Mr. Robertson, the better, IMHO. We're all enabling him.

So, instead of continuing with this Obligatory "I Do Not Agree With Pat Robertson" post, here is a song featuring chickens and accordians.

Thank you for your time.



*According to some "evangelicals," I'm nothing more than a "bread worshipin' Mary lover" anyhow and not a Christian so I shouldn't even have to make this obligatory post.
In the spirit of this holiday, all LJ users are encouraged to make a short one-line post that sounds like a dramafest...but is in fact something rather mundane. At the end of National Vague LJ Post That Sounds Like a Major Problem But Really Isn't Day, you post what your Vague LJ Post refers to.

A happy National Vague LJ Post That Sounds Like a Major Problem But Really Isn't Day to you and yours!


EDIT: I just made this post public, so feel free to share the joy of this important holiday!



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